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Customer-specific services

SEICO was one of the first providers of mobile commercial businesses in a lightweight design and played a vital part in their development. Whereas previously low-price offers were the main focus, today it is more high-quality, tailor-made ser¬vices which are in demand. We have around 90 well-trained, skilled specialists at SEICO who primarily focus on the sat¬isfaction of our customers. We always keep current market developments firmly in view.

Real quality work

We apply the highest quality standards at SEICO. Our mobile businesses are carefully constructed and made from high-quality materials using sophisticated manual production tech¬niques.

our team

Mobile businesses from SEICO convincing with

  • attractive product presentation
  • generously-sized counter surfaces
  • high-quality lighting systems
  • distinctive external design
  • individual interior design
  • optimal use of space
  • ergonomic useability
  • high loading capacity
  • modern bodywork
  • impressive cooling performance
  • long lifespan
  • high-grade materials
  • hot dip galvanised chassis
  • low cleaning effort
  • robust surfaces

Milestones of the company’s development

From 1988 to 1995

Bernhard Seifert founded the company in 1988 which then subsequently developed dynamically and sales increased to approximately DM 40 million by 1995. A clear customer focus, the development of innovative concepts and high productquality formed the basis of the growth.

From 1996 to 2010

Research and development, for example in the areas of cool¬ing technology, lightweight design and chassis construction, has always been the focal point at SEICO. Sales vehicles were first put into serial production which had a noticeable effect, not least for its impact on pricing. Due to the strong demand and high sales figures, sales shifted to telephone and direct factory sales.

From 2011 to mid 2013

The late company founder Bernhard Seifert passed away after an accident in 2010. Ruth Seifert transferred the management of the group of companies to Hans W. Rech. Between 2010 and 2013, the company went through a reorganisation and was re¬structured. In addition to serial production, manufacturing was targeted towards individually tailored production according tocustomer requirements.

From 2013 to today

From 2013, Tim Somberg alongside Uwe Rührup tookover the management of the company. SEICO focused on investing in staff and technical equipment, in order to be well-equipped for the challenges of the future. Today, the company is counted as one of the leading manufacturers of mobile businesses in Germany.

Always anexcellent choice

In the past 30 years, SEICO has made a name as an innovative partner for mobile retail and trade and for its customer-orien¬ted product presentation. With our five product lines: Primas, Beta, Seta, Xtra and Nona, we put suitable concepts for a successful mobile sales solution at your disposal. With the nu¬merous enhancement options available, we are able to offer solutions which are individually tailored to meet your needs.

Our portfolio
  • Baked goods
  • Delicatessen products & olives
  • Fish
  • Meat & sausages
  • Breakfast service
  • Rotisserie chicken
  • Snacks
  • Dairy products
  • Foodtruck & Street food
  • Promotional vehicles
  • Mobile bank branches
  • And much more!

Everything under one roof

You can trust our customer support and we are your partner from the initial consultation all the way through to delivery. We provide all services from design to maintenance from a single source. Put your trust in our expertise and experience, because we know what we are talking about when it comes to mobile businesses – and we have since 1988!

Designed using the latest technology

Our design department holds a central function in our organ­isation. It is here that our experienced engineers design and develop innovative concepts for mobile businesses, and work continuously on product and design optimisation. To do so they use the latest 2D and 3D design software.


SEICO production

Solidity pays for itself

At SEICO, the chassis are manufactured from high-quality, fine-grain steel using high-performance techniques andthe latest CAD technology, and are subsequently hot-dip galvanised. The result is a higher stability without large maintenance costs, at the optimal weight and a reliable durability.

Alu-Therm system configuration

from the professionals
Bodywork which is used in mobile trading has to have a low weight for a high vehicle load capacity, it also has to be easy to clean, low-maintenance and above all extremely robust for the toughest of operations. These requirements are 100% fulfilled by the Alu-Therm structure from SEICO, thanks to its lightweight design.

Precise manufacturing of GRP parts

The latest technology and innovative materials have always been integral elements of the SEICO portfolio. So, for exam­ple, fibreglass components are installed which impress due to their high level of stability whilst at the same time being lightweight. Whether it is wheel housings, panels, bonnets, floor assemblies or small mouldings: We don’t make any com­promises when it comes to quality and stability.

Furniture manufacture & lighting

Furniture and fittings in mobile businesses are exposed to high stresses and strains. We have experienced specialists working in our production facility, who carry out all their work from panel coating and part cutting up to furniture making, with the pre­cision of skilled craftsmen. For custom builds as well as for serial production, we use the latest machines and spacious assembly areas. Perfect product lighting is important when it comes to purchase decisions. We therefore fit your mobile business with an LED system which scores highly due to a lower power con­sumption, minimal space requirement and a low heat output.

Furniture manufacture

Furniture manufacture & lighting

Furniture manufacture

Furniture manufacture & lighting

As individual as your needs

We are happy to meet the individual requirements and wishes of our clients with customised components. The refrigeration systems are individually manufactured, for example. We can manually craft counter displays from stainless steel up to a length of 4.80 m from one single piece. This makes it sub­stantially easier to clean and use.

All’s well that ends well

During final assembly the last work stages are completed. This is where the installation of prefabricated furniture, elec­trics and cooling technology, lighting, advertising board and other elements takes place. To allow you to get out and sell straight away, a thorough clean and a careful quality control are carried out down to the last detail. Only when it has been put through its paces in field tests, your mobile business is ready to leave our factory.