We are SEICO

SEICO – One for All, All for One

Our customers choose SEICO because they are convinced we can offer the best deals.

Our Team works hard to proof this decision right and is proud of every vehicle that leaves our construction line.

Our manufacturing, construction, administration and sales departments count approx. 90 employees who are also working in areas such as development, customer service and vehicle service.

We owe the highest quality to you, our customers. In order to achieve our goals, we are open and curious for new developments and work together as a team – from trainee to CEO.

In 2014 one out of for colleagues was working at SEICO for more than 10 years. 12% of our team even more than 20 years: Experience for the benefit of our customers. 



Jörg Garbers

Dipl. Ing. (FH)

Head of Department

Klaus Meyer


Project planning and management

Maik Gieschen

Industrial specialist in electrical engineering

Construction of electric installations


Stefan Lenz

Certified mechanical Technician (CMT)


Michel Watzlawick


Trainee in technical engineering





Corporate Philosophy

  • SEICO acts exclusively within the framework of the existing law.
  • SEICO is working as highly motivated team consisting of management and employees.
  • SEICO is only interested in open, fair and honest relationships with customers, suppliers, financial institutions and other business partners.
  • SEICO stands for long-life, defect-free and high-quality products, with an optimized price-performance ratio in its specific field of application.
  • SEICO is innovative.
  • SEICO is investing in the development of employees and products.


1988 bis 1995
  • Bernhard Seifert founded SEICO in 1988. His goal was bringing mobile trading to a higher standard and implementing innovative ideas into this field of business.
  • Until 1995 the turnover of the company grew up to just under 4 million DM. This development was also encouraged by a high demand for mobile shops in the east part of Germany. Starting in 1992 customer oriented new concepts and a higher quality caused increase in sales.
1996 bis 2010
  • The first years of SEICO where marked by high investments. These years where followed by a time of consolidation and technical realignment. During this period research and development led to innovations in cooling technology, lightweight construction and chassis construction.
  • Company founder Bernhard Seifert initiated changes regarding production and sales. For the first time sales vehicles were manufactured in serial production. These price-optimized sales vehicles helped many to set up their own business. Due to this development sales structures had to be adjusted. Active telesales and factory sales replaced almost the whole field sales force.
2011 bis Mitte 2013
  • In the end of 2010 Bernhard Seifert tragically lost his life in a fatal accident. Sole heir to the company, Ruth Seifert, decided to continue the family-business. She entrusted Hans W. Rech with the management of the company group.
  • From 2010 to 2013 the company group was reorganized, serial vehicle concepts were renewed, sales structures modernized, field sales forces were revived and production of individually customer tailored sales vehicles was re-established.
since 2013
  • In June 2013 Hans W. Rech transferred operational management to Uwe Rührup and Tim Somberg.
  • SEICO is investing in personnel and consulting to prepare the company for future developments. Investment in machinery is planned to be more able to adapt to customer requests. Processes and procedures are examined to ensure continuous improvement.
  • Today SEICO is one of the leading manufacturers of sales vehicles.


The two Manufacturing Plants

Plant 1 – Rotenburg (Wümme) / east
  • Management
  • Administration
  • Construction
  • Manufacture
Plant 2 – Rotenburg (Wümme) / west
  • Paint shop
  • Fiberglass fabrication


Tim Somberg – appointed CEO since October 1st 2013.

Uwe Rührup – was granted signing authority for the whole company group in 2011.


Uwe Rührup

Tim Somberg