ME 29-30 s – Beta bakery products

mobile bakery shop

Description: series BW-03-A – ME 29-30 s Beta

Epuipment: Image examplary

  • Galvanized stabilight low-framed chassis

  • highly insulating Alutherm Van Body

  • Drivers cabin with integrated high ceiling

  • Electric hatch operation and audible closure control of the sales hatch

  • HPL-coated bag shelf, automatically fold-out

  • Network-independent power supply with battery

  • Hydro-ice cooling System, low noise and low maintenance

  • Display fridge for five baking trays

  • Bakery products counter

  • worktop with cutting plate, paper roll holder, knife wiping container and cash drawer

  • Supply rack below the counter

  • hinged panoramic Softline-counter-glazing

  • windshield glazing in the sales area

  • ceiling board above the counter with downlights

  • Display shelve

  • Bakery display shelves, aluminum round bar

  • Bread basket board

  • hot water hygiene package with stainless steel sink

Vehicle type: sales mobile

Price: on request

Vehicle Base: Fiat Ducato

Kw: 85

Fuel: diesel engine

Total weight: 3000 kg

Loading capacity: approx. 480 kg


  • Internal length: 2960 mm
  • Depth: 2200 mm
  • Height: 2110 mm

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