ME 36-35 w Beta – fresh meat & sausages

ME 36-35 w Beta

ME 36-35 w Beta
ME 36-35 w Beta

mobile butcher shop

Description: series FL05-A_ME 36-35 w Beta

Equipment (images expamplary):

  • galvanized stabilight low-framed chassis

  • highly insulating Alutherm van body

  • ergonomically designed work tops

  • EUROTOP refrigerated counter

  • complete cooling below the counter with upward hinged doors

  • cooling power + 2 to + 4°C at 32°C ambient temperature

  • covers for the intake of the counter, as well es storage for the covers

  • hinged panoramic Softline-counter-glazing

  • windshield glazing in the sales area

  • hooks for packaging material, fixed on the sales counter

  • HPL-coated ceiling board

  • under-cabinets and storage space on the rear wall

  • ceiling board above the counter with one socket (in-wall) outside the windshield glazing and one double socket inside over the board

  • lighting strip with cover on the rear wall

  • interior painting

  • hot water hygiene package with stainless steel double sink,

    paper-towel and soap dispenser, PE-cover for the sink

Vehicle type: Verkaufsmobile

Price: auf Anfrage

Vehicle base: Citroen Jumper

Total weight: 3500 kg

Load capacity: approx. 790 kg


  • Internal lenth: 3690 mm
  • Depth: 2200 mm
  • Hight: 2110 mm

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